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Pure hemp oil, securely grown and drawn out, provided to the front doorstep of Americans throughout all 50 states-- a basic objective with an intricate course to success.

The StartDispersed by HempMeds as their flagship brand name, Red HunterHemp ™ was developed as a way to bring the advantages of cannabinoids to the masses, the roots of our objective of "gain access to for all". With the marijuana plant under such tight DEA control and over half of all Americans cut off from medical cannabis programs, we were looking for a way to make cannabinoids readily available to everybody, no matter where they took place to live.The response can be found in the type of hemp, a type of the marijuana family of plants. CBD oil drawn out from hemp is legal to offer and deliver throughout the United States, supplied the source hemp is cultivated in another nation and imported into the United States.When picking hemp as the source of our cannabinoids, we started trying to find the ideal area to grow our hemp. Knowing at the time that guidelines eliminated farming our hemp locally, we looked for an area where the political mindset and laws, soil makeup, and ecological elements fulfilled our needs. It remained in Northern Europe that we found the perfect conditions and the 750 family farm cumulative that would cultivate and collect our hemp.

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